By Kathryn Long, ASID

If you have spent any time at all in Asheville, you have noticed this house at 189 East Chestnut Street:

Front view of 189 East Chestnut Street

You may have remarked that the house has looked a bit sad and forgotten lately. No more! There is already a dumpster in the parking lot—renovations have begun!

Why? I wanted Ambiance Interiors to exemplify our motto: “Life is too short not to be comfortable.” And your experience at the new location of Ambiance Interiors will be comfortable beyond compare.

Why? This charming Richard Sharp Smith house was designed for Miss Annie West in 1900. It may have originally been a boarding house. In the late 1920s the James Lee Rogers family purchased the house, which they enjoyed until it became offices in the late 1970s.

The house has six fireplaces, lots of natural light, and is spacious enough to hold all the samples from our design studio. There will be three “design” rooms upstairs for working and meeting with clients.

Upstairs Room with Fireplace

There will be a charming kitchen on the main floor, making coffee, tea, lunches, and cocktails convenient. You’ll want to be invited to one of our wine tastings, so stay in touch.

Kitchen Before

Wait until you see what Linda and I are going to do with the bathrooms.

Bathrooms before

You can look forward to enjoying our spacious front porch. You’ll be thrilled to know we’ll have ten PARKING SPACES in back as well as on-street parking.

Front Proch and Parking in Rear

To let you follow the progress of renovation and learn more about the team making this happen, we have created a blog at Visit often to see how we’re doing!

Decorative Painters Sharon Tompkins and Lyna Farkas

In this photo, Sharon Tompkins and Lyna Farkas, decorative painters, see how their talents will help transform the house.

We expect to move into our new home in April! Meantime, visit us at the 27 Broadway location, where we have some extraordinary discounts on remaining inventory.

  Richard Sharp Smith,

For more information about Richard Sharp Smith and his influence on architecture in Asheville, click here.

  In case you missed it!  

If you missed the Asheville Citizen-Times HOME Section on Saturday, January 24th, here is a link to it. We thought you might enjoy the story and photo gallery about Donald and Susan Schwartz’s home in Walnut Cove.

The interesting story written by Polly McDaniel, of how Kathryn and Schwartz's worked together, features over 50 photos of the home.The consultation of Anna Parker Barnett  of Gallery Minerva  in downtown Asheville was also important to the project.

The Schwartz's handsome home was built by Tyner Construction, with offices in Burnsville and Asheville. Kathryn has enjoyed working with Tyner Construction on several projects.

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