Greetings from Ambiance Interiors~

Some of you attended our recent Southern Soiree event because you were already fans of Bobby McAlpine, his work, and book The Home Within Us. Some of you came because you had heard a bit about him. Some of you showed up out of curiosity and maybe some of you dropped in because you know we throw a great party!

Well, this was no exception to that. However, I do believe that we all came away a bit changed by the poetry shared by this soft-spoken, true Southern gentleman, Bobby McAlpine, whose creativity as an architect and designer is truly impressive.

We could not have had such a fine time without the usual above-and-beyond work of Ambiance Interiors and Gallery Minerva’s dedicated staffs. We are also grateful for the photography of Susan Edgerton and video work by Frank Cummings.

Here are a few remembrances of the evening….


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P.S. Please also take this opportunity to swing by the Ambiance home and buy your very own “signed copy” of Bobby’s book, The Home Within Us.

Kathryn & the Ambiance Interiors family