Inspiration & Ideas: Before & Afters by Designer Linda Constable~

At Ambiance Interiors we love the challenge of existing spaces. Is the solution simple? Then let’s make it happen. Is the problem more involved? Then we will help you figure a creative way to make your space sing. Five designs by Linda Constable illustrate our point.

A powder room in the Monroe house
didn’t look bad to begin with . . .
  But add only wallpaper and a sheer.
A complete makeover with no sawdust!



A little more complicated was the Monroe music
library, changed from a children’s playroom . . .


Into a stunning place to store record albums and listen to music. Cabinetry by Domus Aurea


A find at Oddfellows . . . Became a lovely lavatory in the McDevitt powder room. 


Note the stained glass windows above the mirror and the surrounding glass beads.


 The Monittoes’ downtown condo came with a serviceable but ordinary fireplace . . . . 

Now the artistic centerpiece of the room. Floating mantel by Domus Aurea.  

Former commercial buildings have weird spaces
like the Monitto hallway “notch.” What to do?




Put a custom cabinet in it! Note the door detail. Cabinetry by Domus Aurea




We would love to help you with your space, small or large, new or old, challenging or simple. Give Linda or Kathryn a call at 253.9403 for an appointment. Life’s too short not to be comfortable!


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