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Is Renovation Right for You?

According to nationwide statistics it takes only three years to achieve a 62.5% - 72.8% return on your investment in remodeling or renovating. This includes kitchen, bath, master suite or basement remodel -- or a deck or family room addition

However, we find more people are investing in their nests not so much for resale but because they want to:

  • claim an unused space
  • increase the functionality of
    kitchens and baths
  • update and upgrade existing
    spaces for their own comfort
    (aesthetics and function)
  • improve the value of their homes for today and for the future

Kathryn Long and Linda Constable will help with not only the aesthetic and comfort aspects of your project. We know the people who can get the work done: • contractors • lighting consultants • painters • architects • seamstresses • wallpaper hangers • upholsterers • decorative painters, etc.

And we know when to call them! So designing and managing your project are both possible. Since “Life is too short not to be comfortable” let’s start making your home more comfortable. Give Kathryn Long, ASID or Linda Constable a call: (828) 253-9403. Or e-mail us at or



Consider Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity’s Deconstruction program.

Say you re-do a kitchen. Habitat will look at your old kitchen cabinets, appliances, etc. and decide what could be salvaged for re-sale.

Before your contractor starts your remodel, Habitat will send a crew to remove your old cabinets and fixtures, making the space ready for your contactor, and they will re-sell the merchandise at the Home Store, helping build a new house for a family in need. And you get a tax deduction!

Call Joel Johnson at (828) 777-4158 for more details.


Renovation Time: Five Projects with “Before and After” Photos
Check out these recent projects of Kathryn's and imagine what she can do for you!

“It’s Time to Update the Guest Baths.”

A charming Cape Cod home with gorgeous views has seen two major additions and various updates since having been built in 1979-1980. But these two bathrooms and a powder room were due for updating. Let’s face it: more fabulous products and design ideas are available now than thirty years ago. And the clients had a vision that they communicated by showing magazine photos to Kathryn.


The son’s bath c. 1980
. . . became a chic retreat.


The daughter’s bath c. 1980
…transformed into an inviting guest bath


The powder room c. 1980
A new spaceplan and unique handmade items:
What a change!

We know that getting to the right place to deal with having workers come into your home and create dust for weeks is no fun, but living with the results are worth it! Zack Brownlee and Co. was the contractor.

“We’re honored to have been working with [Kathryn] for 30 years as we’ve designed and decorated – and re-designed and re-decorated every room in our house. We’ve experienced the best in color selection and interior design – and keep coming back for more!”
-Pat and Phil Smith

“It’s Time to Downsize”

Every project does not have to involve living with sheet rock dust. This client’s move from her home in Beaver Lake to her beautiful new condo in Deerfield involved recovering her upholstered furniture and designing and creating new window treatments.

Kathryn’s job was to:

  • make sure the spaceplan worked
  • select fabrics for window treatments
  • design window treatments
  • work with the upholsterer and seamstress to communicate the new designs.

“Working with Kathryn Long to decorate my retirement home was a delightful experience. Her intuitive empathy, understanding of my tastes and style, extensive supply of fabric samples and knowledge of coordinating fabrics and designs helped to facilitate my selections. I could not be more delighted with the results!”
-Mrs. Jane Coxe.


Before: chairs and sofa to be recovered

Proportion was very important in the selection of the pieces to be recovered and the client was savvy enough to know that the sofa and chairs she had recently inherited from her mother would work well in her new home.

The new color palette was derived from the floral print.


Working with our upholsterers means having your old pieces look new.


The “new” sofa with custom throw pillows.
The completed conversation area
with custom draperies.

“It’s Time to Update the Master Bedroom”

The client’s comment says a lot about the “before photos...

“ . . . our bedroom . . . looked like Melanie Griffith’s friend (poofy bangs) in “Working Girl” before the transformation.”

The bed c 1980s


The chaise c 1980s

New long draperies helped
the proportions of the space.
New colors and fabrics make the room really relaxing.
A special pet claims his comfy spot too!

Even though this was a “no saw dust” re-design, painting the entire room with its cathedral ceiling involved careful planning so the clients were inconvenienced as little as possible. Other updates were going on in the house simultaneously: new wallpaper for the den and the guest bath, new dining room curtains, a “new” dining chandelier (a great find at Stuf Antiques), new stair carpet and a new front door. The master bath was also painted and the walls glazed. An existing mirror was framed in place by Blackbird Frame and Art.

The clients say,“It’s always a good time to update.” Actually, many of the updates during this recent phase were related to maintenance. That’s very important for the life of our homes.                 

“New Interior Design for a Living Room”

When Kathryn gets a call to help with a problematic living room, she never really knows what she’ll find. The challenge in the Gaddy’s Beaverdam Road home was largely a problem of proportion and scale. Most of the interiors of their charming log home were architecturally fine, but the big fireplace was unusual and uninviting – not a natural gathering place.


Before: Everyone involved agreed
major changes were needed.
Yes, sometimes living with some
dust is part of the plan.

Here is the result showing the room with a new fireplace and bookcases that Kathryn designed:

And yes, this is the same room with Kathryn’s designs for the
fireplace and custom cabinetry built by Wildwood Studios.


Lux Lighting consulted on a new
lighting plan and chandelier.

A great team turned the drawings into reality. The contractor was Joseph Fitzgerald. Call Ambiance for the names and numbers.


“It’s Time to Claim the Unused Lower Level”

Kathryn had worked with these clients over the course of more than twenty years, but she had never been to the lower level of their home until they called to talk about their vision for a place for the family to gather to watch TV and movies.

These “before” photos tell it all. Some challenges included the need for the dropped ceiling and re-designing the fireplace surround. The clients were smart enough to recognize that just because the fireplace was stone it didn’t mean it was particularly well done. They were open to big changes.


The “Befores”: a basement with an old stone fireplace.
Luggage storage; sure sign of an unused space!


The final result: an inviting, functional, home theatre space with a contemporary but “Parisian” twist. The kitchenette countertops and fireplace surround are concrete.

The final result: an inviting, functional home
theatre with a contemporary “Parisian” twist.
The kitchenette countertops and fireplace surround are concrete.

Comfy sofa and chairs couldn’t be more inviting.

“We absolutely love that home theater room! We could not be any happier about it! You and the team did a marvelous work in fixing our “horrible” downstairs!! It is day and night!”

Once again, the team approach was vital. Harmony Interiors provided the audio/visual design and installation, and Zack Brownlee & Co. was the contractor.                        

Before: An unused powder room..
The background for the powder room: unusual green walls glazed by Sharon Thompkins.
A collection of antique French mirrors
sets the perfect “Parisian” mood.

Calling Kathryn or Linda as you begin to think about your list of needs is a smart move.
We can help you prioritize and plan. Planning ahead saves time and money!

There are too many resource people to list. Please call or e-mail Ambiance Interiors with any resource questions.

Just imagine what we could do with your place!

The recession is receding but it is still a great time to begin a renovation project. Contractors and their subs are still glad to hear of projects in the planning stages.

The planning begins with an interview about your needs. Through understanding your lifestyle our designers will be able to make recommendations that result in this response:
                “It so comfortable.”


Good Interior Design can support the activities that take place in a room. The effects can be an increase in communicativeness, greater appetite or improved brain functions. A well-designed room can stimulate relationships or well-being.

Yes, your mood can be changed by the ambiance of your home!

It was not easy to choose which recent projects to feature. Renovating and updating existing spaces has always been a significant part of our design work at Ambiance Interiors. While we still love new construction projects, we are finding many people are choosing to make better use of what they have.


If you want your renovation to be successful in every way, we are the EXPERIENCED EXPERTS to contact:
(828) 253-9403

As much as we value social networking, we know there is no better way for your neighbors and friends to learn about Ambiance Interiors than to hear it from YOU. So, forward this newsletter to a friend. If you know anyone thinking about a project connect us!

Thank you!
Kathryn Long, ASID

DESIGN TID BITS WORTH NOTING - COMING NEXT: Five more inspiring “before” and “after” stories of projects, designed by Linda Constable.

WATCH for the story of the renovation of the old ISIS theatre as it unfolds.


The old ISIS theatre on Haywood Road in West Asheville is being renovated!
Architect Brian Price and owner Scott Woody at a recent meeting.