How We Work

Linda organized our rug merchant, Mike Gabriel, to come with a van load of rugs to her clients' Biltmore Forest home.

Is your home a cottage that needs sprucing up? A “builder’s special” that needs some character added? Have you outgrown your Master Bath? Downsized? Upsized? Thinking of a renovation? Building your dream home?

Your project to create comfort in your home is important to us.

Our interior designers, Kathryn Long ASID and Linda Constable, each have over 30 years of experience. They are naturally creative but (and this is quite unusual in the field of interior design) have organization skills.

Consultation always begins with an in-depth interview. What are your dreams and ideas for your home? We encourage sharing photos from magazines or other visual tools to help define what MOOD or ambiance is desired for your interior design project.

The next important step is SPACE PLANNING. Even a “one room” interior design needs to begin with a good space plan for furnishings. We most often use 1/2 scale which is easy to visualize. Getting the scale and proportion right is essential. Kathryn and Linda are masters at this tricky step in interior design.

"Creating beautiful interior design for Asheville area clients means spending time at decorative arts centers. Here Kathryn does research at Lee Jofa's New York showroom."

Other design services we excel at include:

  • Cabinetry design
  • Material and finish selections
  • Moulding and fireplace design
  • Fixture and appliance selection for baths and kitchens
  • Tile selections and designs
  • Paint colors for interior and exterior
  • Window treatment design

It’s not just a list. Great interior design is created by thinking of all these things as a design package.

We also have a fine staff – we design, support, keep books, place orders, schedule deliveries, and a myriad other tasks so your project will make you happy instead of nervous. We five have nearly a century of experience in home furnishings and design!

Kathryn specializes in new construction and major remodels that often involve teamwork with clients, architect, and contractors for as long as two years.

INTERIOR DESIGN DETAILS: Selections efficiently become realities when color and material samples come together and clarify the design vision.

COMBINING ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR DESIGN Brian Price, and Kathryn Long ASID, meet with clients Scott and Lil Woody to discuss interior space a West Asheville project.

Every member of the family gets Kathryn's attention in selecting fabric.