There is No Space too Small for Linda


If you ask Linda Constable what she’s learned in almost twenty-nine years at Ambiance Interiors, the first thing she will tell you is that interior design is, first and foremost, about making people happy.

“Being a designer is about more than just making something visually interesting,” says Linda. “When you’re working with clients, the most important thing is helping them to feel comfortable in their environment by making their environments the kind of place they really want to inhabit, whether it’s a brand new home or a place in which they’ve been living for fifteen years.”

Linda’s design philosophy is clearly evident in her own home, a small mountain cottage, in which both new and vintage fabrics and bold color combinations warm the airy rooms. It’s perfect fusion of high-altitude charm and contemporary style, complete with original art and one-of-a-kind crafts. There is no space inside that is not fundamentally livable. Or for that matter, outside. “I think I probably have more square footage outside than in.” And after a tour at the multitude of porches, patios, and balconies that flank the house, this is hard to dispute.


“This is a gathering house,” she says, standing on a wide patio, bordered with brilliant flowers and shaded by leafy trellises. “It’s always been very important to my husband and me to have a space where our guests feel they can be themselves and have a great time.”

Linda’s dedication to collaboration and customer service is born out of a deeply held desire to make the world a more livable place. It’s the same desire that led her to Ambiance Interiors and the start of a long commitment to the furniture and design business.

As Kathryn Long’s first assistant, Linda involved herself wholeheartedly in the store. A genuinely warm and outgoing person, she was able to translate her longtime interest in design and aesthetics into buying and visual merchandising. “At the start it was about a love of color, a fascination with the way people see art,” says Linda. “But through helping people in the store, I learned a lot about the process of problem solving and how to help customers visualize what they wanted for their homes. Even if it was just finding the right lamp or the right upholstery for an ottoman.”


Her eye for detail and unbridled enthusiasm made her a unique designer and problem-solver. With an initial focus on existing spaces, Linda showed great skill and energy to help clients frame their desires within spatial or budgetary constraints. With a motto of “no space too small,” Linda’s sensitivity toward detail has allowed her to flourish alongside Kathryn at Ambiance.

Evolution is a term Linda uses frequently to describe her career in interior design. “Styles change. People change. Our lives change,” she says. “And through those aspects we face new challenges and grow. For the opportunities I’ve enjoyed at Ambiance over the years and relationships I’ve cultivated with both my co-workers and clients, I feel truly blessed.


Linda’s Five Points of Interior Design

1. Don’t be afraid to know what you want. “Even if it’s vague, even if they have to ask a lot of questions, most clients, even the ones that struggle to express it, have some idea of what they’re looking for. It could derive from a single piece of furniture, a tiny swatch of fabric, or a page clipped from a magazine. At the end of the day, it’s your space. What makes you happy and comfortable is the most important factor in putting together a plan. Communication and collaboration are key.”
Recognize the pieces of the puzzle. “It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you’re looking at putting together your space. When you’re busy in your own life, the whole can look bigger than the sum of its parts. We can help you break it down into the pieces and people that must come together to see your project through to the conclusion you want.”
Use the obstacles to your advantage. “Every project has its challenges and every space its limitations. Sometimes you have to make compromises. This is especially true for existing spaces. Acknowledging the limitations upfront can keep a design or redesign from feeling out of your control, and may open up new opportunities for innovation that you may not have even considered.”
There is no space too small. I’ve had just as much fun working on tiny rooms in existing homes as I have with large, new construction. I love the diversity. The details matter. And at the end of the day, the client’s satisfaction is really what keeps me going.”
It’s all about the resources. “A truly successful design project depends on vision, craftsmanship, cooperation, and materials. At Ambiance Interiors, we have the experience and resources necessary to marry all of these components for results you want—to create a space you really want to inhabit.”
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