Project Management, One of Our Most Important Services

What does Project Management have to do with Interior Design?

Not everything, but pretty close to it. A great interior designer is creative and resourceful, sure, but she or he is also ORGANIZED.

When the designer is organized, the stress – if you will, the PAIN – of any project, whether new construction, renovation, or decorating an existing space, is, if not gone, at least minimized. We take care of details so you can relax and enjoy your new space.

A few examples of what we do behind the scenes.

Kathryn at Job Site

Tessa Project Manual

Tessa building one of our famous project manuals, which include tile designs and information,plumbing fixtures, paint and finish schedules, floor plans, elevations.

Other photos:

Maher Brothers with backsplash

Kathryn was on site as necessary to oversee details of this handmade tile backsplash installation

Linda Designing

Linda meets with clients to present her creative ideas for furniture space plans in their new home.

We help you dream and visualize your home – then we make it happen as smoothly as possible. So you can actually relax and enjoy the journey of transformation.

Most clients report having FUN while going through the process.

That’s because we work hard in the background to make sure your fabrics are going to the right workroom. That the grout colors are perfect. That the backsplash design will exceed your expectations.

You may never need to know just how organized we are. That’s how good we are with project management.