Project Management

When it’s time to place furnishings, our team is there!

FINE INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS MUST BE WELL EXECUTED. OUR INTERIOR DESIGNERS, KATHRYN LONG ASID AND LINDA CONSTABLE, communicate with seamstresses, suppliers, painters, ironworkers, contractors, coordinating the many details of the projects. Because we know it takes more than a purchase order to make a piece of furniture happen, we keep on top of all of them. Smaller projects might be just as detailed. Linda and Kathryn give equal attention to all of their Asheville and beyond interior design projects, large or small.

Linda and Kathryn meet with Tracy Silver of Tyner Construction

Interior design project management is not simply a matter of ordering a few things and telling folks where to put them. It involves hundreds of details, a delay in any one of which can send a project into the land of running behind schedule. Our meticulous eye for detail, and coordinating suppliers, factory representatives, contractors, workmen, seamstresses, and delivery people insures that your project doesn’t lag behind.

Intern Sara and client Larry Arbaugh on a muddy job site: NOTHING prevents the interior designers from Ambiance from doing their job.

Kathryn on site with a client at Mountain Air choosing paint colors.