Client Testimonials

“Linda Constable could comfort a scalped pioneer staked naked in an ant pit. Her lovely kind heart and eternal tact are the perfect complement to a creative mind and an excellent eye for color.”

Dershie McDevitt

“I know it’s been 18 years since you have designed any models for Ambach Communities. We have also built over 2,000 units since leaving Asheville. But every time I have a new model designed I say the same thing, “nice” but not KATHRYN! You were the best and most flexible decorator, not to mention the most professional and always a joy to work with.”

Michael Ambach

“I could describe Linda as being ‘Behind my eyes”—she really saw what I was only trying to find. I didn’t want to be the captain of the design team but I sure enjoyed being on the crew. Linda guided us through the project and didn’t let us make a mistake.”

Saundra Howes & Joe Neri

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